Producer, Composer, Arranger, Trumpeter and Musical Director

José Aguirre is characterized by its musical capability to arrange different genres like salsa, boleros and world music.

Additionally, José Aguirre writes, arranges and produces scores for movies and TV series. His compositions for artists from diverse genres are also notorious, as well as classic music, amongst others.

His versatility, boosted by its vast portfolio of musical expressions (Calle Maestra, Cali Big Band and Aguirre Trumpet), empowers the Maestro to be a prolific songsmith and producer.


Calle Maestra - Jose Aguirre

Cali Big Band (Live performances)

It is a concept band playing shows that comprise salsa, tropical, boleros, American classics and world music.

The Cali Big Band has made arrangements for artists like Diego el Cigala, Tito Nieves and Ismael Miranda, besides recording with national and international artists.

Calle Maestra (Live performances)

It’s a salsa formation of eleven musicians composed of three brasses, two trombones, a trumpet, congas, timbal, bongo, piano, bass, two choirs and a singer.

José Aguirre on trumpet and Wichy Camacho as a leading singer, are the two stars conducting this lineup on stage.

Calle Maestra has been conceived as a format to enjoy “Street Salsa”, the salsa that is danced by fans at the nightclubs, cheerful and colorful music.

Aguirre Trumpet (Live performances)

Latin music group composed of piano, guitar, keyboard, congas, drums, bongo, choirs and the singular sound of Maestro Aguirre’s trumpet.

This formation of Aguirre Trumpet can be instrumental or with guest singers defined by each genre.